"WoW EUROPE" Project
"WoW EUROPE" Project

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”WoW EUROPE” Project

No. 623004-EPP-1-2020-1-RO-SPO-SNCESE

Erasmus+ Sport - Not-for-profit European Sport Events

WoW EUROPE” is a project at European level - the only project initiated and implemented by a Romanian organization approved by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Sport Program - Not-for-profit European Sport Events for the implementation period 2020-2021.

The aim of the project is to promote physical education and sports, especially for students in primary and secondary schools, with great sports promoters - national, European, world and Olympic champions. Through their success stories and what they convey in their pleas, great athletes will encourage children to practice sports and physical activity, for a healthy lifestyle and harmonious development. The activities of the project aim to raise awareness and importance of sport both in everyday life and to attract the little ones to performance sports. The "WoW EUROPE" project is aligned with the specific objectives pursued by the Erasmus + program in the field of sport, namely: "Encouraging participation in sport and physical activity, in particular by supporting the implementation of EU guidelines on physical activity."


Within the ”WoW EUROPE” project, in addition to the applicant organization - the Junior Sport Association, 9 European organizations will participate:

  • Bulgaria - Association Footura - Association for the development of sports and sports culture Footura
  • Italy – CEIPES - International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development
  • Latvia – LSIIDP - Board of Directors of Sports Educational Institutions in Latvia
  • Lituania - VšI Sportuokime kartu
  • Republic of Northern Macedonia - HEPA Macedonia - National Health Organization for the promotion of Health-Enhancing Physical Activity
  • Portugual - ADCS Carvalhais - Associação Desportiva Cultural e Social de Carvalhais
  • Slovenia - Physical Activity Promotion Agency – APGA
  • Spain - Club Pitch & Putt Barcelona Teià (CPPBT)
  • Turkey - Turkish Sport for all Federation (HĬS)

A large part of the project activities will take place simultaneously in all countries of the participating organizations. In Romania, the project will take place in Timiș County. Implementation calendar of the "WoW EUROPE" project:

The overview of the entire project

1. Opening Conference of the Project

The conference will take place in the Timisoara, Timis County, Romania. Presentation of the participating organizations (Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey).

2. ”Today I’m Your Teacher of Sport!”

The event will take place in the 10 participating countries.

The activity will take place once a month in a school during February -June.

Will be organized in parallel in the 10 participating countries. It will promote the importance of physical education and sports in school, promote the importance of sport and physical education for health. This will include great athletes - national, European, world or Olympic champions. Alongside the athletes we go to schools and colleges during physical education classes, where sports class will be held with the help of these great champions and who will talk with the children about the importance of physical exercise and the beauty of sport.

3. Workshop "Health through Sport"

The workshop will take place in the Timisoara, Romania.

To increase knowledge and awareness regarding the role of sport and physical activity, the importance of sport for health among children, as well as improving the exchange of good practices among sportsmen, federations, clubs and institutions in the field of sport and education on the promotion of sport among children in the participating organizations' countries.

The materials for the workshop will be made by each participating organization, which will come with their own experience and expertise. Each organization will design and edit its own material by at least 5 days before the event.


The events will take place in the 10 participating countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey).

The action will take place in nature, where we invite children, youth, parents and even grandparents, to a leisure ride bike, on a predetermined route, of medium difficulty.


The event will take place in the 10 participating countries.

This will be the emblematic event and will be held simultaneously in Romania and in the other 9 countries participating in the project. Areas where the activities will be held, will be nationally representative areas, by point of view of cultural, touristic etc.

The actions will consist of mini contests, demonstrations of the great sports champions, sports clubs, engaging in motion of the participants with these great athletes in sports activities initiating actions in various sports among the general public. This part of the action will serve to spark interest the children and young people to practice sport, with the help of the great athletes - national, European, World or Olympic champions.

6. Workshop ”From Experts in Sport to the People”

The workshop will take place in Timisoara, Timis County, Romania.

This event will be attended by representatives of the participating organizations through their representatives - the local coordinator and the local activities coordinator. They will present the importance and impact of promoting sport and physical education through great athletes among children. Speakers at the workshop will also be great athletes, coaches, physical education and sports teachers who will talk about the importance and impact of project activities on children.

7. The Closing Conference of the Project.

The conference will take place Timisoara, Timis County, Romania, on October, 2021.

In the conference will be present the local coordinators and the local activities coordinators of the organizations participating in the project and present the implemented activities and the results achieved at local level.