"WoW EUROPE" Project
"WoW EUROPE" Project

Opening press conference of the "WoW Europe" Project


Launch of the “WoW EUROPE” Project in Romania!

On February 25, in the Multifunctional Hall of the TimișCounty Council, the Press Conference for the announcement / presentation of the“WoW EUROPE” Project took place.

This event wasattended by: Alexandru Proteasa -Vice President of the Timiș County Council, Beatrice Mercado - President of the JUNIOR SPORT Association, Marius Dumitru and Alina David - Managers of the"WoW EUROPE" Project, MarinPopescu - Inspector General at the Timiș County School Inspectorate, Constantin Osain - School Inspectorresponsible for sports at the Timiș County School Inspectorate, Călin Rosenblum - Director at the HighSchool with Sports Program “Banatul” from Timișoara, Prof. Dr. Univ. Florin Drăgan - Rector of the Politehnica TimișoaraUniversity, Ancuța Milin -representative of the Politehnica Timișoara University Sports Club, Daniel Leca - representative of theTimiș County Directorate for Sports and Youth.

The press conference, as ambassadors of the "WoW EUROPE" Project, was attended by big names inTimisoara sports - athletes, coaches, sports managers, such as: Zlatomir Balojin - rowing coach at CSMTimisoara, Nicoleta Mariana Husar -tennis coach table at ACS and CSC Dumbrăvița, Petru Brîndușan - wrestling coach at CSȘ no. 1 from Timișoara, Sebastian Gavrilă - director at CSȘ no.1 Timișoara and Greco-Roman Wrestling coach, Dragan Petricevic - basketball coach and head of the basketballdepartment at SCM Timișoara, VeraGavrilă - basketball coach and head of the basketball basketball departmentat CSȘ Bega Timișoara, Iulian Teacă- national champion and ACS fencing coach Floreta Timișoara, Flavius ​​Biea - world and Europeanboxing champion, Alex Beleiu -double European motorcycling champion, JasminaElena Ciocoiu - world Kickboxing champion, legitimate at CS Ghiroda andGiarmata Vii, Cristian Stoenescu andMarius Eugen Ciocoiu - Kickboxingcoaches at CS Ghiroda and Giarmata Vii, MariusMihai Poclid - president of CS Ghiroda and Giarmata Vii, Cristian Cîndea - president of CS Buziaș.

The event wasmoderated by Florin Mihoc, presenterat TVR Timișoara.

“We chose to come with the WoW EUROPE project to Timiș County because I know, closely, thesports phenomenon in this area of ​​the country and I was impressed by thelarge number of legends and senior and junior champions, but also by the largenumber of exceptional coaches, who they determined me to consider Timiș Countyas a national and world pride", said Beatrice Mercado,president of the Junior Sport Association, which coordinates the WoW Europeproject.

"We have very large organizations from 9 Europeancountries. The project is really wow !, because we have with us great athletesfrom all participating countries", said Alina David,project manager.

In his turn, Marius Dumitru, the other projectmanager, gave a detailed presentation of the actions within “WoW EUROPE” and stressed that "it is a great success to be part ofthe European family of Erasmus projects in the field of sport."

"Sports and education may not have received enoughsupport from central decision-makers. Therefore, at the level of the CountyCouncil, the promotion of sport is a priority, whether we are talking aboutperformance or mass sports", said Alexandru Proteasa, vicepresident of the Timiș County Council, who added that "the harmful effects of lack must be combated sports activities,during a pandemic”.

Prof. Dr. Univ. Florin Dragan, rector of the Polytechnic University, said that he willbe 100% involved in the “WoW EUROPE”Project: "with important values,Politehnica has integrated them, especially in terms of training professionals,but also of characters", said the rector, who drew attention to thefact that a city the size of Timisoara needs an adequate sports infrastructure.The idea was also supported by DanielLeca (Timiș County Directorate for Youth and Sports).

Ancuța Milin also pointed out that, in turn, the Politehnica Timișoara UniversitySports Club "supports the actionswithin the WoW EUROPE Project and the institution it represents will beinvolved in the good organization and promotion of the actions".

The press conference kicked off the "Today I’m your Teacherof Sport!" action!

"We have common values ​​that come from sports andthat we share: team spirit, perseverance, courage, sportsmanship, determinationand, last but not least, rules", said Marin Popescu, generalinspector of the Timiș County School Inspectorate, who presented, during thepress conference, the first actions "TodayI’m your Teacher of Sport!" from Romania, within the European project “WoW EUROPE”, actions that willtake place at the High School with Sports Program “Banatul” Timișoara (March 2,11:00) and at the Gymnasium School no. 7 St. Mary of Timisoara (March 3,11:00). Initially, a third action was announced at the press conference, theone at the Gymnasium School from Moșnița Nouă (March 4, 11:00), but,unfortunately, this action had to be rescheduled, because, from that day, thelocality of Moșnița Nouă was quarantined.

"WoW EUROPE" is a project at European level - the only projectinitiated and implemented by a Romanian organization approved by the EuropeanCommission through the Erasmus + Sport Program - Not-for-profit European SportEvents for the implementation period 2020-2021. The aim of the project is topromote physical education and sports, especially for students in primary andsecondary schools, with great sports promoters - national, European, world andOlympic champions. Through their success stories and what they convey in theirpleas, great athletes will encourage children to practice sports and physicalactivity, for a healthy lifestyle and harmonious development. The activities ofthe project aim to raise awareness and importance of sport both in everydaylife and to attract the little ones to performance sports. The "WoW EUROPE"project is aligned with the specific objectives pursued by the Erasmus +program in the field of sport, namely: "Encouraging participation in sportand physical activity, in particular by supporting the implementation of EUguidelines on physical activity."

Within the “WoW EUROPE” project, in addition to the applicant organization - the Junior SportAssociation, 9 European organizations will participate:

- Bulgaria - Association Footura - Association for the development ofsports and sports culture Footura

- Italia - CEIPES - International Center for the Promotion of Education andDevelopment

- Latvia - LSIIDP - Board of Directors of Sports Educational Institutionsin Latvia

- Lithuania - VšI Sportuokime card

- Republica Macedonia de Nord - HEPA Macedonia - National HealthOrganization for the promotion of Health-Enhancing Physical Activity

- Portugal - ADCS Carvalhais - Cultural and Social Sports Association ofCarvalhais

- Slovenia - Physical Activity Promotion Agency - APGA

- Spain - Club Pitch & Putt Barcelona Teià (CPPBT)

- Turkey - Turkish Sport for All Federation (HĬS)


The “WoW EUROPE” project, designed and accessed by the AMA EVENTS Association,was applied and coordinated by the JUNIOR SPORT Association, being co-financedby the European Commission through the European Erasmus + Sport Program,Not-for-profit European Sport Events. This project is in line with the specificobjectives pursued in the field of sport, namely "encouragingparticipation in sport and physical activity, in particular by supporting theimplementation of the EU guidelines on physical activity." "WoWEUROPE" is a project at European level - the only project initiated andimplemented by an organization in Romania - JUNIOR SPORT Association - approvedby the European Commission through the Erasmus + Sport Program - Not-for-profitEuropean Sport Events for the implementation period 2020-2021 .

Regarding thedevelopment of the “WoW EUROPE” Projectin Romania, the local partners and supporters are: Timiş County Council, TimisCounty School Inspectorate, Timis County Directorate for Sports and Youth,Timisoara Polytechnic University, CSU Politehnica Timisoara; media partnersare: Kiss FM, TVR, TVR Romanian Television, Tvr Timisoara, AGERPRES,HotNews.ro, Newsweek Romania, tion.ro, Best of Timisoara, Agenda, PressHub,IQads, Spark, Positive Romania, News for child sponsors are: Trima Events,ANATEO, Tiberius Media Group. Communication partner: PiArt Vision.

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