"WoW EUROPE" Project
"WoW EUROPE" Project



Under the slogan „LEAVE THE BUTTONS, COME TO…PEDALIADA!”, On Saturday, September 11, 2021,we are expecting on bicycles, as many people from… 10 CONTRIES from EUROPE !

PEDALIADA”, the event initiated by the JUNIOR SPORT Association and organized by the VELOCITAS Sports Club Association. Having as national partner the Romanian Cycling Federation, will take place on September 11,2021.

“PEDALIADA” is addressed to all people who love two-wheeled sports. The action consists of a trip (popular race ) by bike, on a predetermined route, of medium difficulty, a trip in which children, parents, grandparents are invited to participate. The central event will take place in Timișoara, Timiș County. In addition, we recommend and encourage the organization of such actions in other areas of Timiș County, but also of Romania.

In the communication of this action , we will promote and appreciate any initiative to pedal, on September 11, 2021, at national level, independent of the popular race in Timișoara. In fact through the partnership between the Romanian Cycling Federation and the JUNIOR SPORT Association, the cycling clubs in Romania will be lobbting factors, at national level, in order to determine, as many people as possible, to ride on September 11, 2021 !

For a clearer communication, in our promotional materials, we will use the following terminology – PEDALIADA TIMIȘOARA ( popular race organized in Timișoara, on a predetermined route – action in which we expect to register as many participants as possible) and PEDALIADA NATIONAL ( event composed of various actions created at the initiative of those who chose to spend September 11, 2021 on a bicycle , thus wanting to be part of this beautiful story of advocacy for movement, for health.

Specifically, actions unde the generic name of  PEDALIADA”, will take place on September 11, 2021, in the same time slot, both in Romania and in the 9 countries of origin of the international partner organizations of the “ Wow EUROPE” Project – Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, and the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

"PEDALIADA" is the emblematic action of the "WoW EUROPE" Project - the only project initiated and implemented by a Romanian organization approved by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Sport Program - Not-for-profit European Sport Events for the implementation period 2020-2021. The “WoW EUROPE” project, designed and accessed by the AMA EVENTS Association, is coordinated by the JUNIOR SPORT Association and is co-financed by the European Commission through the European Erasmus + Sport Program, Not-for-profit European Sport Events, being aligned with the specific objectives pursued in the field of sport. , respectively, "encouraging participation in sport and physical activity, in particular by supporting the implementation of EU guidelines on physical activity".

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As already mentioned, for a more attractive campaign to determine the attraction of interest for the action "PEDALIADA", in the promo campaign (campaign that began on June 11, 2021), the day the Facebook page was created on Facebook. event dedicated to this action, we will invite the world to make challenges. Specifically, challenges can be made either to determine the participation in the TIMIȘOARA PEDALIADA (respectively to determine the registration for the START of the popular race in Timișoara), or to pedal anywhere, on the day of the event, under the generic title of PEDALIADA ROMÂNIA.

Follow this PEDALIADA facebook event page to see how the challenges are done.




September 11, 2021, from 9:00


Online registrations for PEDALIADATIMIȘOARA can be done by filling in the form specially designed for this event, a form that can be accessed on the ACS Velocitas website : https://raceday.ro/pedaliada/ , starting with 12.06.2021, 20:00, until on 07.09.2021, at 24:00.

Registrations will be accepted on the spot, on the day of the event, respectively on 11.09.2021, but only between 09: 00-11: 00.


-        minimum age 4+

-        the participant can be any person who has a bicycle

-   the participant must sign a declaration on his / her own responsibility (whether minor or major)


-        No participation fee!


The category is calculated as the difference between the year in which the competition takes place and the year of birth of the competitor. Minor children cannot compete without the consent of their parent or legal guardian.

The categories are:

-        Male

-        Female

-        Kids

-        Family

In the Family category, any child (regardless of age) can participate, but be accompanied by a parent or relative. All children up to 14 years old (inclusive) will participate in the Children's route (8 km).


PEDALIADA TIMIȘOARA will take place in the area between the Banat Village Museum and the Timișoara Zoo.

Geography coordinates here :



PEDALIADA TIMIȘOARA takes place on roads, roads, paths and forests.

The route marking is made with white and red stripe and orange spray.

The central event PEDALIADA TIMIȘOARA will have two predefined routes

a.      one for adults - Superman Pedal (length of 20 km with 240 m level difference)

b.     one for children: Junior Sport Pedal (8 km long)

                                                  20 km route:             8 km route:


09:00–11:30   Distribution of race office bracelets (Race Office)

11:45                  Technical meeting team organizers

12:00                  The start of the long route (adults)

12:05                  The start of the short route (kids)

14:00                  Raffle


Participants are required to wear a helmet throughout the event.

Participants must read these rules and attend the technical meeting;

Participants are required to sign the declaration on their own responsibility;

Participants must follow the instructions of the organizers and staff involved in the event;

Participants must comply with the rules of environmental protection.


In the perimeter near the gates that will mark the Start / Arrival points from PEDALIADA TIMIȘOARA we will have an entertainment area (with tents), area where there will be a press point, where the moderator Florin Mihoc from TVR Timișoara will do a beautiful relationship with the participants is possible (short interviews, etc.), and for at least 5 hours we will make a live broadcast on Facebook on the event page.


In case of any technical failure, the competitor will stop on the right side of the road, as far as possible off the route;

Medical assistance will be provided in the start / arrival area;

Feeding and hydration areas will be available, where participants are allowed to feed on the go or on the spot.

Disposal of packaging and cans is only allowed in feeding / hydration areas.


All those who have registered for PEDALIADA TIMIȘOARA participate on their own responsibility and are responsible for their own safety.

The organizers, partners, sponsors, volunteers and staff involved in the event are not responsible for any injury, accident or damage of any kind.


If the event is impeded by force majeure or unfavorable weather events, the organizer has the right to decide, as appropriate, to cancel / postpone / stop / divert / extend the contest or change the route.

In case of cancellation of the event, participants will not receive any compensation or compensation.

Project supported by RO VALLEY

National partner: Romanian Cycling Federation

Local partners and supporters: Timiș County Council, Timiș County School Inspectorate, Timiș County Directorate for Sports and Youth, Timișoara Polytechnic University, Timișoara Polytechnic University Sports Club.

Main sponsors: DECATHLON, SMW Bicycle Factory

Sponsors: SPA Hotel ICE Resort, ICE DYP Ice Cream Factory, Trima Events, ANATEO, Tiberius Media Group

Media partners: Kiss FM, TVR, TVR Timișoara, AGERPRES Romania, HotNews, Newsweek, Tion, Best of Timișoara, Agenda, PressHub, IqAds, Spark, Positive Romania, Children's news

Communication partner: PiArt Vision


Through the 3-month promotion campaign, a campaign that aims, in particular, to achieve challenges, we want to determine as many people as possible to ride on the day of the event, regardless of where they choose to do it (any area except the established for the popular race generically called PEDALIADA TIMIȘOARA). We will promote such initiatives, (we will even award them - we will announce soon what prizes will be offered and how! What should the one who wants to be promoted and maybe even awarded do? He must make a post on Facebook (post that will contain a short presentation, photo and / or video made exactly on the day of the event, respectively on September 11, 2021), to which we recommend to add:


Only in this way we can monitor the materials posted by those who will respond, with a beautiful PRESENT, to our event!

We also recommend following the event page on Facebook, a page called PEDALIADA, in order to find out real-time information about the entire event, both in Timisoara and nationally.

More details here 


Project supported by RO VALLEY

National partner: Romanian Cycling Federation

Local partners and supporters: Timiş County Council, Timiș County School Inspectorate, Politehnica Timișoara University, CSU Politehnica Timișoara

Main sponsors: Decathlon Romania, SMW Bicycle Factory

Sponsors: SPA & ICE Resort Hotel, ICE DYP Ice Cream Factory, Foto Oskar - Foto & Print Shop. Trima Events, ANATEO, TMG Consulting - Tiberius Media Group Consulting

Media partners: Kiss FM, TVR, TVR Timisoara, AGERPRES Romania, HotNews.ro, Newsweek Romania, tion.ro, Best of Timişoara, Agenda, PressHub, IQads, Spark, Romania Pozitiva, Children's news

Communication partner: PiArt Vision